Hjälp oss att skydda barnen / Help us protect the children


Bifogat finner ni information från JM angående byggarbetsplatsen och vikten i att prata med barnen om farorna som finns på dessa.


Message from JM:


Construction sites are very interesting and exciting for children - but very dangerous as playgrounds!

Unfortunately, children usually do not realize this by themselves. Each year there are accidents related to children at construction sites, in spite of extensive safety measures.

Enclosed spaces and warning signs are not enough to make the children aware of the risks connected to a construction site, and what might happen if they play there. Therefore, we need help from you, the parents, to prevent accidents involving children at our construction site.

Talk to your children and explain what the warning signs and enclosed sites mean, and the importance of following the instructions.

There are heavy transportations, machines, and other tools at and around construction sites. Be aware of the risks and make sure your children also understand them.

Feel free to contact JM's safety service if you have questions or ideas of how the safety at our construction sites can improve.

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